Wall Color Trends Coming in 2020

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The year 2020 is just about to begin and with the changing year, the world of fashion and design is also moving towards different styles and trends. In the field of design, nothing is more impactful than color. With the use of Behr paints annual color trends report; here are our favorite 8 colors for the year 2020. 

Creamy Mushroom

Img Source: Behr Paints

This pale toned creamy grey color will be trending in 2020 because it goes quite well with the minimalistic theme that is popular these days. The color has dark undertones and is ideal for a bedroom or entryway passage. Some of the accent colors that will go well with this color are charcoal grey, mustard yellow, white, and light blues. The color will work well with either contemporary or traditional furniture.

Battleship Gray

Img Source: Behr Paints

Another color that will be popular in the coming year is a medium grey shade. This color is the perfect shade of grey that can work well in a sunroom or a well-lighted breakfast nook in your home. The color palette that goes with this grey includes colors like light and dark blues, yellows and darker shades of grey. This color can also work well in a living room if you pair it with rich blue velvet couches and a yellow accent chair. This color combination will work in modern style homes. 

Cider Spice

Img Source: Behr Paints

The next color that we see as a trend for the year 2020 is a light shade of brick red. This color will suit those of you who are looking for a farmhouse theme in your living spaces. This color has rustic vibes that will pair well with deep blues, greys, whites and off whites. Adding pale colored furniture in a room with the accent wall painted in this rust color will certainly bring the whole theme together. This color will go well in either contemporary and modern styles provided you accessorize appropriately.  

Back to Nature

Img Source: Behr Paints

Another shade of green that we see trending this year is this light mossy green color. The color will work well in a reading corner or an office space. The colors that will complement this theme are beige, light shades of rust, blue and darker shades of grey. Different shades of green will be making a comeback in the coming years, which is why it’s on our list of trends. This color should be favored if you want a place that is traditional yet a little modern.

Painter’s White

Img Source: Behr Paints

Another color to look out for is a greyish white color. This color has been trending for the past 3-4 years and you will see more of it in the coming year as well. This color is mostly used in contemporary settings. The colors that work well with this shade are blacks, browns, beiges, and cream. This color will be suitable for kitchens and bedrooms. You can experiment with darker colored accessories and lighter shades of furniture.  


Img Source: Behr Paints

A yellowish mustard color will also be seen this year. This color will work well in sunrooms or breakfast areas that will give a sunny feeling to the room. The colors that will pair well with this are yellows, teal, peach, and sea green. You can pair furniture in whites and add warmth by adding pillows or accent chairs in the brighter shades we’ve mentioned. This mustard yellow color has been in fashion for a few years now and we’ll see more of it in 2020 as well.

Rumba Orange

Img Source: Behr Paints

This rich rusty orange color will work well when paired with shades of white as they will make it pop out more. Some other colors that will go with it are pale greens, pinks, and dark rust. This color can work in traditional settings for example, if you paint the dining room wall in this color. Pair it with dark brown furniture and your room will come out great.

Light Drizzle

Img Source: Behr Paints

The next bluish-grey color is ideal for a baby boy’s nursery, living room or laundry room. You can incorporate a few shades of black, grey, and rust in the accessories while keeping the furniture simple and one toned. This is a safe color and is less likely to go out of style whether you pair it with modern or contemporary themes.  

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