Unique Beauty Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

When it comes to beauty and skincare products, they are an essential part of our daily lives. Our beauty routines usually start with the products we know and trust. However, with a large increase in competition in the beauty industry, has led companies to be more creative in their product development. Improved formulas or entirely new products are being launched into the market every day. So before you add your go-to beauty product to your cart, take advantage of the unique products that might become your new favorite.

Slip Pillowcase

Silk Pillowcase
Brand: Slip
Price: $89

Cotton has been used for our sheets and pillowcases for ages now. But, Slip is wanting to change that one pillowcase at a time. Their high-quality silk pillowcases enhance your sleep as well as keeping you beautiful. The 100% pure mulberry silk allows your skin and hair to breathe and avoid creasing, as well as stretching. Unlike cotton, their silk will allow you to apply your nighttime facial creams and not have it absorb into the pillowcase. The pillowcases come in a variety of luxury colors to shop from.

First Aid Beauty Cushion

Color Correcting Cushion
Brand: First Aid Beauty
Price: $5

This product compact cushion color corrector might just have to end up in your makeup bag. The formula is derived from the extract from fruits such as dragon fruit, kiwi, and strawberry. Green, pink, and purple help to even and correct discoloration on your face. The brand focuses on carefully selected ingredients that make the product free of unwanted ingredients as well as most allergens.

Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Clay Mask
Brand: Elizavecca
Price: $12

When you think of carbonation, you usually think of a soda or sparkling water, but what about a face mask? This face mask gives you the same bubble sensation but on your face. The cleansing and tightening happen through millions of bubbles that do all the work. Ingredients such as charcoal powder, clay, green tea extract, and aloe vera help to renew your cells and skin tone.

Bawdy Beauty Clay Butt Mask

Butt Mask
Brand: Bawdy
Price: $28

From masks to lotions, butts are becoming apart of people’s skincare routines. This clay mask, which comes in stick form, works to purify, detox, soften, and firm the skin. Simply apply and let dry for 15 minutes then remove with a damp washcloth. Aside from the clay stick, the brand also sells masks specifically formulated for whatever your butt may need.

True Botanicals Stress Relief

Stress Relief
Brand: True Botanicals
Price: $36

True Botanicals have come up with a way to roll away your stress. This easy to apply roll bottle relaxes, uplifts, and calms as you breathe in the lovely scent. Key ingredients such as tarragon and frankincense work together to calm and stabilize moods. Apply on temples, chest, and wrists to start having your stress removed.

Algenist Collagen Night Cream

Collagen Night Cream
Brand: Algenist
Price: $98

Getting hydrated and firmer skin has never been easier with this collagen packed sleeping cream. Plant-based collagen works to strengthen and condition skin, while naturally sourced algae reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It happens to be suitable for all skin types and also pairs nicely with the Slip Pillowcase we mentioned previously.

Becca Cosmetics Pro Filter Makeup Primer

Makeup Primer
Brand: Becca Cosmetics
Price: $39

A great primer is essential before applying any makeup. This best selling primer uses Cool Light Technology to reduce skin imperfections, leaving a refreshed appearance. The product is also packed with vitamin E, lavender, prickly pear, and citrus for a great experience before your makeup application.

Arishine Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic Eyelashes
Brand: Arishine
Price: $27

Magnetic eyelashes have slowly become apart of beauty routines. The ease and durability make these eyelashes something to try. To apply the lashes, you start by applying the magnetic eyeliner, which the lashes will want to gravitate to. Lay the lash in your desired location, and instantly the lash is there to stay all day without smudging.

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