Things To Keep In Mind When Decorating


While interior designing may seem simple enough, without the right guide, one can easily make mistakes that may take hundreds of dollars to correct. With the right guide, however, you can succeed in turning your space from plain to interesting at the first try! To help you achieve this, we have compiled this list of things to keep in mind when decorating your space.

Maximize your space

Space maximization is essential when decorating your home or office –especially if you have a small space. So start by keeping the floor clear. Install floating pieces like shelves and nightstands that will keep items off the floor. Also, instead of floor lamps, go for wall lights and scones. Make use of odd spaces to store items and use room dividers instead of walls.

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Wardrobes and cupboards are also essential furniture for space maximization as they store unused items and prevent clusters. For an optimal effect, choose wardrobes with colors that match the room’s theme. Also, make use of multifunctional furniture like beds with drawers or desks with bookshelves to maximize space and provide a modern feel.

Choose design elements that speak to each other

While most people understand how important colors and patterns are in interior decorating, they often forget the need for the right texture. This is why a bedroom with highly burnished furniture, pale blue walls, and shiny white satin beddings will take on sterile, impersonal feel because the attention is only on the colors and not the textures.
With the right texture, there will be added interest and warmth in the room.

Texture can be added with fabrics, carpets, wooden surfaces, lampshades, flowers, and paintings. So if you are going for a tropical theme, choose tropical colors like white, green, yellow, and brown and use of flower vases and flowery fabrics for texture. Soft and detailed fabrics and furniture with the right colors will also give the room that tropical theme you desire. Also, if you have muted colors in a room, go for furniture that plays off it while still making an impact on the room.

Decorate with meaningful items

To give your space that personal feel, go for items that bring you joy. If you are an artist or a lover of art pieces, you can hang paintings on your wall or using artful wallpapers that bring you joy. Also, if you love collecting jewelry, try setting up a moderate-sized show glass to display your jewelry collection in a way that will blend beautifully with the design. Incorporating items you are passionate about into your space will make you feel more at home whenever you step in. It will also display your passion for anyone who steps into your home/office.

Light up your space!

Lighting is a significant part of interior decorating. It sets the mood of your space and illuminates your décor, giving the room a warm feel. To properly light up your space, make use of table lamps and wall sconces to increase the light intensity. Also, when choosing your bulbs, choose bulbs with high watts for maximum lighting. Having high wattage gives you the capability of adding dimming systems. It is nice to have the option to vary your lighting intensity depending on the time of day.


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You can also make use of spotlights to highlight your favorite elements, such as couches or figurines. Lastly, optimize natural light with sheer curtains as they diffuse sunlight softly.

With all of these tips above, you can transform your space from ordinary to elegant and modern with ease.

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