Simple Ways to Remove Pilling

You have finally found the perfect top in the perfect color. But after a single wash, it is covered with small wire knots. Nobody wants these little blisters or nasty pills in their clothes. Even your furniture fabric can pill sometimes, which can make your furniture look old and not its best. The thought then comes to mind of how to remove pilings from the fabric.
Don’t worry, after reading these tips and tricks, you will get to know the methods of removing these unwanted strands.

Causes of piling on fabric

Loose fibers of the material tend to move along the surface of the fabric where they start to rub, causing them to curl up into small balls. In this case, the fibers are still attached to the fabric. The leading cause of the pilling on the fabric is friction or abrasion during normal use. Your washing machine can also be the cause.

Some fabrics will be more susceptible to pilling than others. Knitted fabrics tend to pile more, rather than woven, due to the yarns being looser. Long fiber fabrics such as silk and linen pill less than wool, cotton, polyester, and other synthetic yarns. When fibers are mixed into the fabric, such as a blend of cotton and polyester, one fiber is usually much stronger than the other. The weakest fiber breaks, the strongest fiber is bound, and a pill is formed.

How to remove pilling from fabric

There are some methods that you can try to remove pilling from the fabric.

Duct tape

Duct tape is one of the few ways to remove pilling. All you need to do is open the tape and paste it on the area where you see pilling, and gently remove. The pilling should be removed, and you will have a clean fabric.

Shaving razor

Shaving razor not only helps to remove the hairs from your body, but can also rid pilling from your favorite sweater. It is as simple as shaving the hair from your body. One thing you have to keep in mind is to be gentle to avoid unwanted damage.

Velcro strip

Velcro is another handy method. Simply paste the velcro strip on the fabric and gently remove it. It will remove the pill from the surface applied. Repeat steps until you reach you desired removal. Lastly, avoid the need to rush as it can damage the fibers.


You can even use small scissors to trim the pilling from the fabric. It can be a slow process, but it is also helpful. Gently remove every pill to make it look fresh and new.

How to prevent pilling on fabric in the future

  • Don’t use strong cleaners or bleaches that can damage or weaken the fibers of the fabric.
  • Don’t overload your washing machine. Always keep room for the clothes to move properly; because overloading can damage the surface of the fabric.
  • Use fabric softener to put the strength in the fabric. Fabric softener coats the fabric with a protection layer, and makes them soft and fresh.
  • Avoid washing tough fabrics such as denim at the same time; as this can lead to damaging the fibers.

Final Words

I hope this article helps you remove pilling and guide you to prevent it from happening in the future. All the methods are tested and proven for protection and longevity. Again, make sure to use a gentle and careful hand when using these tricks to avoid damage.

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