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With summer coming up, its time to get your closet ready with the best summer-ready dresses. Read ahead as we unravel some of the most prominent and practical dresses that were showcased in this year’s spring-summer fashion week!

Fine Lines

From jumpsuits to over-sized pantsuits, pine stripes are back and trending for the spring-summer season. Pine stripes were brought onto the scene by Michael Kors and Balmain. Each designed pine stripes differently, showing there is enough room for one to play around.  

Fine Lines Dress

Brand: Splendid
Price: $79

Tier Dress

Oscar De La Renta and Roksanda alongside McQueen and Dior took it upon themselves to further the idea of Tulle tier dresses this year, with designs embodying simple silhouettes with exaggerated couture design. From a sea of tulle gowns last year, this year’s gown and dresses were an ode to the Victorian era with maximum volume skirts and spiked chances of women twirling on the road. 

Tier Dress

Brand: CECE
Price: $129

Slip Dress

Don’t @ me because slip dresses have maintained a streak of staying in fashion yet again. For the spring season, look out for dresses that are preferably more subtle in terms of color – more boudoir and a lot less every day wear casual. As it turns out, day by day, we are slipping towards a paradigm that is normalizing innerwear as outerwear. 

Slip Dress

Brand: Reformation
Price: $128

All Natural

In terms of sustainability and in terms of being environmentally woke, this year, a new lot of designers took it upon themselves to produce bags and clothes from a naturally occurring raffia material. Stella McCartney and Celine helped to bridge the gap between fashion and sustainable production of ensembles that are feared upon by many. Chances are we will see more of raffia made dresses in the future.

All Natural Dress

Brand: Amour Vert
Price: $158

Colors And Patterns 

Polka Dots

Big and small, polka-dots should be on your priority list because, like the last three years, this year, we are keeping polka dots for casual wear. 

Polka Dots Dress

Brand: 1.STATE
Price: $95

Exotic Prints And Florals

Gianni Versace’s ensemble created for Jennifer Lopez is an excellent example of prints and florals that go well with summer. Most clothing collections for summer feature prints inspired by the beach with large leaf designs and montages. 

Exotic Prints And Florals Dress

Brand: Chelsea28
Price: $149

7 Brands That Sell These Dresses 

Rebecca De Ravenel

If you want to get the best polka-dot dresses, Rebecca De Ravenel is the brand to approach. With the best material used to create each piece, crafted by the hands of artisans, her dresses are of heirloom quality. 

Re: named

Easy and affordable. This brand was launched in 2012, and since then, it has created classics and urban ensemble together to fulfill the needs of its customers. You can check out their collection for spring-summer dresses.


Get your favorite feathered tops and dresses from here. Although this brand is more towards the high-end side of the budget spectrum, you can afford to indulge once in a while. 


Or LDJ, however, you wish to pronounce it. This brand offers the best exotic print dresses to everyday chic dresses, which you might want to own if you are planning a trip to Bali anytime soon. Still on the pricier end of things. 

Mod Cloth

For plus size women who find it hard to find fashionable clothes their size, ModCloth is the best option. With their custom made prints and classic silhouettes, ModCloth offers clothes for everyday wear to wedding dresses.

Solace London 

Solace London will be your go-to brand the moment to score a lottery. With intricate designing, body fitting silhouettes, and mind soothing prints, this brand is all about creating art through designing dresses. 

With that we have come to the end of the spring-summer dress edition, let us know what you liked about the latest trends. 

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