How to Color Coordinate Outfits

Does this color go with that color? This question pops in everyone’s mind when they are deciding an outfit. However, a few rules come with matching colors. So today we’ll take a look at some dos and don’ts of color matching and how these tips will help you in taking your dressing to the next level.


Have more of black and white

Black and white are two universal colors the can easily be paired with a pop of color. Almost any color such as blue, red, and brown can be paired with black bottoms for a chic look. However, if you want to wear white pants, a darker top such as black or navy is a good option. You can never invest too much in black and white as they are a staple in fashion.

Wear dark colors

The five dark colors (black, navy, brown, grey, and dark green) are essential colors and should have a place in your closet. Dark colors give off a sophisticated and sometimes cozy vibe. This color palette gives you a ton of versatility to create an amazing outfit.

Creating color contrast

Color shading is an excellent way for your clothing to stand out instantly. Take an example of you wearing a navy t-shirt. You have two options for pants, which are either dark grey or light grey. What color do you think you should go for?
We would suggest going with a light grey version. Wearing a dark bottom with a dark top does not create enough contrast, which is why we picked light grey.


Jeans are a great choice due to their ability to be casual and yet somewhat dressy if styled correctly. Picking the right color wash of your jeans is important. We suggest buying jeans in colors with a wash of light, blue, and black. These colors allow you to be casual with a t-shirt and jeans, or more dressy with a shirt and black jeans.

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Match color of your belt and shoes

Accessories are the last impact you can make on your outfit. When picking items such as belts and shoes, make sure they go with the outfit first of all. Secondly, try to make sure the accessories are the same color to create that color contrast.


Don’t match the same colors

Never match the same color throughout your whole outfit. An example would be a green t-shirt with green jeans.

Dark and dark don’t go together

Pairing two dark colors is not a good option with any outfit. Dark colors paired don’t provide the contrast which we were discussing earlier. Consider wearing a light color on top, such as blue, white, or grey.

Don’t wear wrong colors on the wrong occasion

Apart from color matching, wearing specific colors at a specific occasion is also an important tip to be noted. Dark colors are preferred to be worn at nighttime, and lighter colors are more often worn during the day.

Don’t wear Multicolor tops

Your top should most often not contain more than two colors. The second color on a top is meant to accent the base color. The golden rule is just to stick with the basics.

Do not wear vibrant shoes

Shoes are one of the first things that people notice in your outfit. A solid, subtle color can give you lasting versatility. No matter if you wear loafers, boots, sneakers, etc. Your preference should be colors like black, brown, white, etc. as they can go with almost each and every outfit.

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