How Are Fashion Trends Created?

What qualifies as a trend?

When we say ‘a fashion trend,’ you probably have something come up in your head. However, there is no precise definition that covers all the basics, but there is one that is the closest. A fashion trend is something that is innovative with the potential to please the masses. A fashion trend is something that is popular at a particular point in time.

What makes something become a trend?

Fashion trends that become widespread always have these three driving elements going for them: the right place, the right time, the right moment, and with the right people. Media outlets that attend fashion shows will look for similarities throughout collections. If they see a certain element appearing throughout shows, they may consider this a trend. However, most of the time designers don’t know what other designers are creating for their collection.

Do celebrities contribute to trends?

There is no question about celebrities’ influence on fashion and fashion trends. They are followed everywhere by paparazzi and their fans, and what they are wearing is a big part of their image. The fact that celebrities are highly influential is the very reason why huge companies turn to them to be spokespeople for their brands and products.

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Celebrities have massive fan bases, which is why they can have a bigger reach than the latest fashion magazines. Celebrities are much more personable and more real than magazines, which is why the public’s eyes are always on celebrities, and why their fans often copy what they do. You are probably familiar with a few celebrities that have become trendsetters and style icons over the years, such as Maggie Gyllenhaal and Sarah Jessica Parker, who are known for having an eye for fashion. Fans look to them to see what silhouettes are popular, how to wear garments, what is the newest ‘it’ handbag, and so many more things.

How long do trends usually stay around?

Generally, most fashion trends last nearly one year or one fashion season. Then they are replaced by another fashion trend and so on. However, some trends tend to last much longer if they are more wearable and more versatile. Have you noticed that trends from the 90s are coming back now? That is because fashion trends tend to re-emerge approximately every twenty years. 

What makes a trend go away?

Very often, a fashion trend disappears when another one comes to replace it. A change of an era is also going to contribute to fashion trends changing. 

Do designers design their collections on trends?

Most of the time, high fashion designers try to start a new fashion trend because it helps them gain popularity and relevance. In the fashion world, there is nothing better than starting a fashion trend that ends up becoming popular and widespread all around the world. However, there is an understanding that no idea is original and that every piece of art is influenced by another.  

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