Hottest Smart Home Technology in 2020

What if every appliance in your home could connect to the internet and communicate with each other to make your home more comfortable, efficient and safer? We’re not talking science fiction, this is actually possible these days. Smart homes are the domestic spin to the Internet of Things (IoT). This trend will be further exploited in 2020 and beyond. With these devices, you can communicate with and send commands through your smartphones and control things remotely in your home.

This industry will likely see an expansion from $55 billion to $174 billion by 2025. We’ve rounded up some of the most useful yet exciting home products from 2020.

Samsung SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug

Brand: Samsung
Price: $17.99

This is the most inexpensive technology in our list. With this plug, you can turn any of your plugs into a smart plug. You can turn regular appliances into smart ones through the use of this plug. It only costs $17.99 and yet has all the features that are present in the high-end plugs. The features include power usage reports, voice control, IFTTT applet support and flexible scheduling.

Arlo Ultra Outdoor Camera

Brand: Arlo
Price: $462

This camera raises the bar for all its competitors. This cam has the power to record and stream 4K video or UHD videos. The device costs $400 for the first model that has been recently launched. The camera is packed with interesting features like auto-zoom, spotlight and siren, motion tracking and night vision. You can also enjoy its one-click 911 connectivity for when you see any spooky activity outside the house. It is wireless and very easy to connect in any home. You can choose whatever subscription plan that suits you and avail of the services offered accordingly.

The Smart Lock Pro + Connect

Brand: August
Price: $168

This is the new technology offered by August Home and compared to the previous models, it is certainly a winner. It is a third-generation smart lock and offers all the bells offered by the HomeKit model but adds quite a few new features like August’s DoorSense technology, Wifi connectivity and Z-wave support. You can install it quite easily and control it with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. It is one of the best locks that we’ve come across.

Smart Refrigerators

Brand: Samsung
Price: $2,199

The most important appliance in the kitchen is hands down the refrigerator. There are several smart refrigerators available in the market that incorporate features like meal schedules for the family, sync grocery lists to your smartphone. Some refrigerators have alerts that remind you when to change the filter or if the vegetables are going bad. Some fridges dictate your recipes from the internet while you cook. There are a few options that have transparent touch screens that let you see inside without opening the doors. Talk about hi-tech technology!

There are a number of other devices that may interest you like Sleep Number 360 m7 and iRobot Braava; which you should definitely check out.

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