Gym Chains – Which Ones Are the Best?


Whether it be starting your fitness journey or simply relocating; finding a gym can be a headache. Factors such as price, location, and overall atmosphere are all things to consider. We hope to help you in finding your perfect gym with our review of the following gym chains.

1. LA FITNESS- The value gym

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Hours Open 5am – 11pm
Cost $24.99 per month
Locations 600+
Group Fitness Yes
Guests $20 extra per month to bring guests
The Good Clean gym with amenities such as pool, basketball, and racquetball. Smoothie bars are in select locations and staff are generally friendly.
The Bad Very sales driven gym, so don’t be surprised when they give you a whole talk about how great their gym is. They offer a free fitness assessment sounding like a perk to members. However, it allows the chance to sell you a pricey personal training contract. Trainers are average with some caring more about their clients than others.

2. CRUNCH – The underrated gym

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Hours Open 24/7
Cost 9.95+
Locations 265+
Group Fitness With peak membership option
Guests Free
The Good For the affordable price they offer great equipment and amenities. The gym is clean and has several class options.
The Bad Tends to be more crowded with the affordable pricing

3. PLANET FITNESS – The budget gym

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Hours Open 24 hours
Cost $10 per month
Locations 1,742
Group Fitness Yes
Guests With their $22.99 per month membership option
The Good Always clean with free tanning and massage chairs. Also, free pizza on the first Monday of the month and open 24 hours.
The Bad Limited amount of gym equipment, and customer service is somewhat to be desired.

4. 24 HOUR FITNESS – The time crunch gym

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Hours Open 24 hours
Cost $36 per month (12 month contract)
Locations 400+
Group Fitness Yes
Guests Guests pay a fee
The Good With the gym being big and spacious, there is little wait time or none at all for machines. Also, they have a good variety of classes and equipment available.
The Bad Inconsistent qualities of gyms depending on how old the gym is. They also removed the free guest privileges as well as towels.

5. LIFETIME FITNESS – The higher-end gym

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Hours Open 5am – 10pm
Cost Starts $70+
Locations 100+
Group Fitness Yes
Guests Free
The Good Large fitness facility that has everything you could want in a gym and more. From basketball to indoor/outdoor they have it all. Equipment and machines are also up to date.
The Bad Cancellation of your membership is not easy.

6. EQUINOX – The luxury gym

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Hours Open 5am – 11pm
Cost $185+ per month
Locations 135
Group Fitness Yes
Guests 7 day guest passes
The Good With the price you should expect the best and Equinox delivers. They have high tech equipment, motivated instructors, snack bars, and their famous eucalyptus towels.
The Bad The cost is generally out of peoples price range. They have been steadily raising their pricing which can be an inconvenience for some. Also, must give 45 days notice of cancellation.

7. BLINK FITNESS – The beginner gym

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Hours Open 5am – 11pm
Cost $15+
Locations 80+
Group Fitness No
Guests Free with their $23 per month membership
The Good Helpful staff and generally clean gym. The layout is nice with duplicates of machines to prevent you from waiting.
The Bad Cancellation can be somewhat of a process with hidden costs. As with any contract make sure to read it in its entirety.

8. GOLDS GYM – The weightlifter gym

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Hours Open 5am – 12am
Cost $40 month to month (no contract)
Locations 737
Group Fitness Yes
Guests Free
The Good Provides a great array of workout equipment for everybody’s fitness goals. The gym is more known for its body building clientele rather than those looking for a quick workout.
The Bad Cancellation is not easy and also has hard to reach management.

9. ANYTIME FITNESS – The occasional workout gym

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Hours Open 24 hours
Cost $39.95+
Locations 4,000+
Group Fitness Yes
Guests Free
The Good This smaller space gym is kept clean and has friendly staff.
The Bad Somewhat more on the pricey side, and requires a $50 cancellation fee after 12 months have passed.

10. YMCA – The family gym

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Hours Open 5:30am – 10pm
Cost $38+ per month
Locations 2,700
Group Fitness Yes
Guests One free visit per year
The Good The gyms are decently clean however it depends on the location. Also offers a wide variety of classes catered to your skill level.
The Bad Since it’s a family environment, you will see more kids in the fitness area. Also, depending on the location there may be more or less equipment.

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