A Few Items You Need to Pull off Streetwear

In case you hadn’t noticed, streetwear is no longer just about 20-year-olds looking to one-up each other with the latest limited edition pieces, and it has infiltrated every level of dressing. Streetwear has grown up, and now, it’s available for everyone and anyone who is up to it. 

But, you don’t need trendy and crazy-expensive pieces to pull off every-day streetwear looks. There are a few essential items that every person needs, no matter the sex and age. It’s all about focusing on high-quality and luxurious fabrics that will last for years and stand the test of time, paying less attention to trends, and looking for good fits and styles.  

This guide is not telling you to throw away all of the fun and statement pieces; but, there are some essential items you need to in your wardrobe in order to create more refined looks. 

A Proper White Shirt

You won’t find a more versatile piece than a plain white shirt. This shirt is fantastic because it is elegant and relaxed at the same time; it can be worn casually with rolled-up sleeves or dressed-up with a suit. And, it’s the perfect option when you don’t know what to wear or what is the dress code.

Treasure & Bond - streetwear brands

Brand: Treasure & Bond
Price: $69

Topman - Streetwear Brands

Brand: Topman
Price: $40

A Well-Fitting Pair of Jeans

Every person on this planet needs a well-fitting pair of jeans, no matter your sex or your age. Of course, you can choose whichever style you like the most, but keep in mind that they need to stand the test of time. Apart from being high-quality in order to stand the test of time, these jeans also need to be timeless, style-wise. The best bet is to go for a slightly faded blue wash, but the black denim works well too.

Wit & Wisdom - Streetwear Brands

Brand: Wit & Wisdom
Price: $68

AllSaints - Streetwear Brands

Brand: AllSaints
Price: $90

A Roll Neck Sweater

We love our hoodies, and would never give them up. And while your hoodie rotation will keep you warm and well-styled for the biggest part of the fall, you still need a grown-up street-style staple, in the form of a neutral-toned, super-cozy wool roll neck. You should invest in quality materials and a timeless roll neck style that is going to be in style for years to come.

1901 - Streetwear Brands

Brand: 1901
Price: $59

Ted Baker - Streetwear Brands

Brand: Ted Baker
Price: $155

A Quality Leather Jacket

This item might be a bit of an investment, but if you choose well, it is going to last you for years and years, and it is going to get better with time. And that item is, you guessed it, a leather jacket! Make sure to get a jacket that is made in a timeless style, from quality leather, and take good care of it.

Sandro Paris - Streetwear Brands

Brand: Sandro Paris
Price: $790

Les Hommes Urban - Streetwear Brands

Brand: Les Hommes Urban
Price: $656

A Grown-Up Wallet

When we are speaking about a sophisticated wardrobe, velcro or nylon are not welcome in it. Instead, you should opt for a mark of adulthood: a high-quality leather wallet with some steezy but subtle branding, and it’s perfect for everyone. Try to find the wallet that is made from high-quality leather and constructed in a way that fits everything you need and fits comfortably in your pocket without causing your pants to bulk.

Gucci - Streetwear Brands

Brand: Gucci
Price: $395

Common Projects - Streetwear Brands

Brand: Common Projects
Price: $185

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