Eco Conscious Clothing Brands

eco conscious brands

These 10 eco conscious clothing brand’s priority is to save our planet from the harsh practices that we have become accustomed to. Natural dyes, giving back, organic materials, and conservative manufacturing methods is some of the ways they are making a difference.

People Tree

People Tree - eco conscious brands
Image Credit: People Tree / Instagram

Based in London, People Tree is serious about getting back to the core of how clothing is made. With their use stylish, vibrant, and contemporary designs they are able to provide affordable trendy clothing. They are providing jobs in rural areas with the need of manufacturing techniques such as hand weaving and hand knitting. Also the dyes they used are low impact and free from harmful chemicals.


DL1961 - eco conscious brands
Image Credit: DL1961 / Instagram

DL1961 is a New York based denim brand that started in 1990. Creating clothing with less pollution produced is the brands intent. Their factory is state of the art with the ability to track and monitor every piece of denim as well as the water usage. Typically one pair of jeans uses 1,500 gallons of water to make. However, DL1961 can produce a pair with only using less than 10 gallons. All of their clothing is produced with dyes from plants and fibers from the US.


nisolo - eco conscious brands
Image Credit: Nisolo / Instagram

Nisolo cares deeply about the people that craft their shoes. The manufacturing of their shoes are done in Peru by skilled shoemakers. They are provided beyond fair trade wages, great working environment, and benefits. By connecting with local communities in Peru; they are able to provide jobs in need of one.


Encircled - Eco conscious brands
Image Credit: Encircled / Instagram

Encircled wants you to actually wear the clothes that are your in closet. They make garments that are made to be worn day to night. Versatility and function is the core of the brand. Being a certified b corporation; they care about being ethical and sustainable. Workers are also provided with a healthy working environment.

Raven + Lily

Raven + Lily - Eco conscious brands
Image Credits: Raven + Lily / Instagram

Empowering women is what Raven + Lily are about. Since 2008 they have provided 1,500 resources to thrive such as benefits, safe job, and fair wage. Also, with every purchase a percentage goes to help fund micro loans to female entrepreneurs in their communities.


Kotn - Eco conscious brands
Image Credit: Kotn / Instagram

Founded on the principles of providing quality, simple essentials at a fair price is what Kotn is about. They use Egyptian cotton in their clothing which is not common among big corporations. Kotn provides stable jobs to farmers in Egypt where the need for Egyptian cotton has declined. There is no middle man involved, to which they can offer you an honest price.

United by Blue

United by Blue - Eco conscious brands
Image Credit: United by Blue / Instagram

The mission of United by Blue is to save the planet one trash bag at a time. With every product sold, one pound of trash will be removed. Instead of paying to get the trash cleaned, they roll up their sleeves and do it themselves. Cleanups consist of removing trash from creeks, rivers, beaches, and streams. So far they have removed 1.5 million pounds of trash!


Everlane - Eco conscious brands
Image Credit: Everlane / Instagram

Unlike most brands, Everlane is not big on trends. They want you to still wear the clothing even after the trend has passed. Therefore, they produce their products using the finest materials and factories. They are constantly sourcing out the best factories that are focused on sustainability and its people. Also, they are very upfront with the pricing of their products. Traditionally brands markup their prices 5 to 6 times, while Everlane is just at 2 to 3. With their eco conscious goal and their honesty about their products; makes Everlane a great brand to shop.

Thought Clothing

Thought Clothing
Image Credit: Thought Clothing / Instagram

You want your clothing to last right? Thought clothing does too and which is why they put a lot of thought into which fabrics they use. With the use of naturally grown bamboo, cotton, wool, and hemp they are able to make their clothing durable and long wearing. Also, these special fabrics are free from pesticides and chemicals.

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