Easy Ways To Drink More Water

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I know you’ve heard it one, two, or maybe three times to drink more water. Drinking water can be somewhat of a chore with having to remember and to actually drink it. With our bodies consisting mostly of water; it is crucial that we supply maximum hydration. We have come up with 7 ways to help you get your drink on…with water that is.

Add Natural Flavoring

There is nothing quite like a sip of cold refreshing water on a hot day. However, when your trying to stay hydrated consistently; that refreshing feeling can quickly fade. To make drinking water more exciting, natural flavorings from fruits and powders can be added. Here are 2 ways in which to enhance you water:

Fruit Infusion: Fruits such as watermelon, orange slices, raspberries, and lemons can be infused into your water. Buy your favorite fruits and let steep overnight in water. Enjoy a tasty water without the extra sugar and sweeteners.

Natural water brands: Natural flavored water brands such as Hint and Flow make sure their water is tasty but still healthy. These waters can be found at major retailers.

Brand: Hint Water

Price: $24.99 (pack of 12)

Brand: Flow Water

Price: $22.95 (pack of 10)

Brand: Bai Water

Price: $16.00 (pack of 12)

Powders: While powders usually contain a high amount of sugar and additives; our picks however don’t. These powders can be poured into your water bottle easily and quickly without the unwanted ingredients.

Brand: Laird Superfood Hydrate

Price: $14.95

An app to track your intake

Apps provide an easy and fun way to track your water intake through the device your on probably most of the day. Waterlogged, Daily Water Free, Gulps, and Waterbalanced are excellent apps that strengthen your water intake. With reminders and real time stats, you will want to keep yourself hydrated.

Sparkling / mineral water

Sparkling waters are a great way to make drinking water more exciting. Many people frequently turn to sparkling water as an alternative to sodas. Often it becomes a persons go to instead of reaching for a sugar filled soda. Not only does it come in different flavors such as lime and lemon, but also the minerals are great for your overall health.

Brand: La Croix Sparking Water

Price: $3.69 (pack of 8)

Brand: Perrier Lime Sparkling Water

Price: $4.98 (pack of 10)

Brand: Spindrift Raspberry Sparkling Water

Price: $4.49 (pack of 8)

Reusable water bottles

Not only do reusable water bottles provide a way to express your style, but also gives a convenient way to drink water. Most people don’t drink enough water simply because they don’t have any. Reusable water bottles is perfect for on the go and helps keep your water cold throughout the day. Drinking out of your water bottle should be an enjoyable experience. Don’t feel bad about splurging for an overall better quality one.

Some great brands to check out for water bottles are: S’well, Larq, Corkcicle, and Simple Modern.

Drink a cup of water with every cup of coffee

Coffee may still be a liquid but that does not mean that it is hydrating. Having a glass of water after each coffee ensures you are staying properly hydrated.

Add ice to drinks

A sneaky way into tricking yourself into getting more water is by adding ice to drinks. Smoothies are great for this as the ice get crushed up into tiny bits. This overall texture is ideal for smoothies while still getting nutrition from the smoothie itself. Adding just 4 ice cubes is equal to half a glass of water.

Use a straw

Straws are known not to be great for the environment; however rest assured our picks are eco friendly. Drinking through a straw makes it easier and faster to drink water.

Brand: Hummingbird Reusable Glass Straws

Price: $19.99

Brand: Yihong Reusable Stainless Steel Metal Straws

Price: $5.99

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