Create a Home Gym for Under a Thousand Dollars

The convenience and privacy a home gym provides is what makes having one so desired. Traditional gyms often include that person that grunts too loud or have hard to cancel memberships. Forego this with turning your home into a gym that is open just for you 24/7 days and nights. While home gyms can cost thousands depending on complexity; we have chosen equipment that works every body part while staying in budget.

Dumb bells

Dumb bells $115

You can’t really have a gym without dumb bells. Dumb bells give you a wide variety of workout options with some even coming adjustable.

Adjustable Bench

Adjustable Bench $90

A bench is a staple to any gym with allowing people many different kinds of exercises that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.


Treadmill $287

The classic cardio machine belongs in any gym. Many have the option to be folded up if needed to save space.

Barbell with Weights

Barbell with Weights $209

An essential piece of equipment is a barbell. Unlike machines, barbells require more coordination and stability which therefore will result in faster muscle growth.

TRX System

TRX System $100

The kit is used in almost any gym because of how versatile it is. Get a full body workout and a varying degree of difficulty by changing the straps length.

Kettle Bell

Kettle Bell $60

The kettle bell is similar to dumbbells but has different exercise options. One arm deadlifts, overhead presses and swings are great exercises to use with kettle bells.

Exercise Gliders

Exercise Gliders $10

For an alternative workout, gliding discs can create more of challenge for common body weight exercises.

Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands $10

This small piece of equipment can do a lot for your body especially your legs and butt. Bands come in different sizes depending on which workout you are doing.


Jumprope $7

Jump ropes are a great space saving tool that gives you a great overall body workout.

Exercise Mat

Exercise Mat $17

The extra cushion that exercise mats provide is essential for different exercises.

Gym Tiles

Gym Tiles $100

Foam tiles are a must to protect your floors from your workouts.

Wobble Balance Board

Wobble Balance Board $17

With the wobble balance board you are able to do exercises such as pushups and squats, while getting an insane core workout.

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