’90s Trends That Have Made a Comeback

Fashion changes all the time, and trends come through the door and go out the window without us even noticing. You may found yourself looking through your old photos and think, “What was I thinking when I put that outfit together?”. But, have you noticed that, when you look at your throwback pictures from the ’90s, you start to see a resemblance? From then and now, not much has changed for these fashion trends.

Some fashion trends are endless and always in fashion, like a white button-up shirt or a little black dress. But some fashion trends are worn for years before they go out of style. Then they resurface a few decades later, which is why some of the most iconic and memorable fashion trends of the 90s are making a comeback, creating a craze in 2020. Brace yourself for a trip down the fashion memory lane, back to the ’90s, into ‘some better times.’ Here are some of the ’90s trends that are popular in 2020.


Whether they are long or short, Dungarees are the hottest pieces of clothing you can wear in 2020, if styled well. Celebrities Bella Hadid and her sister Gigi have been bringing back those denim overall-dresses and dungarees to their street style. Proving that dungarees are not out of fashion, and won’t be any time soon.

Brand: Boohoo
Price: $62

Round Glasses

Round glasses were considered goofy and nerdy once; however they made a radical comeback in 2019. Round frames are in the form of sunglasses, but they are in as an option for prescription glasses, as well. If you want to get back into the 90s groove without being too out there, you should give round glasses a try. Fashion police give a “thumbs up” to this trend, that is for sure!

Brand: Gucci
Price: $450

Denim Skirts in All Their Forms

Denim skirts come in so many different shapes and sizes: A-line, printed, with the front slit, buttoned, distressed, midi, and with polka dots… there is definitely not a lack of choice. The biggest perk of denim skirts is that the fact that they suit and look good on anyone irrespective of the age, body type, or personality. That was proven once, in the ’90s, and it is proven again, as they are back.

Brand: alexanderwang.t
Price: $144


We can thank models like Kendall, Kylie, and Gigi for sporting these accessories in their everyday fashion style and reminding us of how amazing chokers actually are. Chokers can be velvet, lace, pearl, embellished, etc., your options are pretty much unlimited. They are going to spice up any outfit, especially the simple ones, and they are fantastic for layering with longer necklaces.

Brand: Argento Vivo
Price: $48


Scrunchies were the craze in the ’90s, and you had to have them in every color, in every material, with every possible design… And now they are back! Scrunchies take your simple ponytail to a whole new level, making you look like you have put some effort into your hairstyle. And if you manage to coordinate the color of your Scrunchie with your outfit or your shoes… it’s a fashion win!

Brand: Urban Outfitters
Price: $8

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